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¤ WVA Series
  • Performance parameters
  • Diagram
  • Wiring instructions
  • Corresponding accessories
  • Operation video
  • Attentions

1.Low noise, It is a self-priming pump. (When turned on ,the pump starts to do the liquid sampling,
no extra water is needed at the beginning.) 
2.It has functions of overheating protection and overload protection. 
3.Maintenance-free, No pollution during the gas transmitted. 
4.Corrosive gas is allowed to be input(The material for the parts which come in contact with fluid:Glass
fiber reinforced nylon,EPDM rubber,FKM seals,stainless steel screw )


2.Technical specification:


Operating Voltage


No-load discharge(only pumping)




(V DC)













  Test condition: There is no height difference between inlet and outlet、only connect with silicone                                tube (Length:30 cm, OD: 10 cm)

3.Tips for Selection of Products

1.Ihe inlet and outlet of this pump can be blocked for a while.When the pump outlet pressure reaches 0.1Mpa
(The threshold of pressure protection switch),pump will automatically shut down,Protection switch will be 
opened when the output pressure is lower than the threshold of protection.

2.Electricity supply 
It have to sufficiet margin of power output and can withstand the impact 
of the start of the current and the need for the normal operation of the pump.

3.Service Conditions 
The pump shall not be exposed to direct sun light. It shall work in clean and non-corrosive environment. 
Ambient temperature: 0-40 ℃ (No condensation) 
Relative humidity: ≤ 90 %

4.Working medium: 
Medium temperature: 0-50 ℃

Liquid is allowed, but with solid particles are not acceptable.The materials and names for the 
parts which come in contact with gas (or liquid) as below:

Part name

Part material


Pump body

Glass fiber reinforced nylon

All material has certain ability of corrosion resistance, please evaluate the tolerance of the parts which come in contact with gas pumped.


EPDM rubber


Sealing ring


Screw of pump chamber

Stainless steel


5.When there is a large output pressure,the pump should not work for a long time.

When the operation condition of the pump in the large load(such as,water resistance is larger),recommended

time of continuous work must be less than 60 minutes.

When the pump drainage side has a large resistance element(such as,nozzle,dense strainer),recommended,
time of continuous work must be less than 20 minutes.


6.Pump should be in port flow under the condition of boot, otherwise it will damage the pump or trigger 
pressure protection switch,which causes the pump can not run normally.


7.Weight: approximately 2.3 KG.


8.All parameters presented in this instruction are based on the standard atmospheric pressure at 25℃,unless 
otherwise defined. The free flow is referred to as the flow.

 WVA Series Micro vacuum liquid pump Dimensional Drawings





Wiring instructions:

Red power line should connect the power positive pole, black power line connect the power negative pole.


The inlet of the products must be connected with a filter to prevent alien substance such as
dust and particles from entering the pump,otherwise it will cause the damage of pump.



Technical specification


1.Built in metal mesh

2.As shown in the figure

Left side of the joint:Connect with the inlet of pump

Lower joint:The shape of the pagoda,connect with external hose


1.No foreign matter should keeping in the nozzle, or the micro pump may be damaged.

2.The product has not explosive-proof performance. No using in inflammable and explosive environment.

3.When the gas input is hazardous, users must re-seal the pump for the sake of safety.

4.All gas circuit elements such as gas tank must be provided with enough strength for the sake of safety.


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