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¤ WJY Series
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1.This kind of pump has dual function that can be used for liquid or gas sampling.It is a self-priming pump.
(When turned on ,the pump starts to do the liquid sampling, no extra water is needed at the beginning.)It also
allows dry running.(When the liquid runs out or without liquid ,the pump can run smoothly without any damage)

2.It is equipped with brushless DC motor, durable and low interference. It can run continuously around the clock
without interfering with the surrounding electronic components or polluting power source. Stable performance and
high reliability. Maintenance-free . Damp gas as the medium is acceptable. No pollution during the gas transmitted
as it is oilless operation. Corrosive gas is allowed to be input(The material for the parts which come in contact
with gas : Glass fiber reinforced nylon ,EPDM rubber)

3.It can be mounted in any plane.such as horizontal plane, vertical plane, slope.Perfect self-protective function.
It has functions of overload protection.(This function do not apply to Economical version)The pump applies to wide
fields, especially in gas (or liquid) analyzer, industrial instruments etc.








Electro  Magnetic  



●Technical Specifications


As the vacuum pump

As the liquid pump

Operating Voltage
Load Current
Flow rate
(effective value)

(negative pressure)

Flow rate
(effective value)
























Remark : customized is available


●Performance Comparison:


Economical version

Simplified version


(quality level)

Brushless motor







 Continuous loading service life



Electromagnetic Interference



Ambient Temperature



Adjustment of speed



overload protection

Speeder matched

Can not be used with speeder.


1.The more ★ is,the better performance of this pump shall be.The fewer ▲ is the lower
electromagnetic interference of this pump shall be.
2.The above comparison does not mean a product is not good.It is for customers reference
only.Hereby Instructions!

Tips for service life test:

1.Test condition: The service life test results based on clean & non-corrosive laboratory,
the pumps run continuously around the clock with full load. If the operation condition is
better than that of our, service life will be greatly extended.
Laboratory conditions:
Ambient temperature: 5℃-33℃, fluctuates according to the climate
Relative humidity: 50%-85%, fluctuates according to the climate
2.Instructions for Loading Test:When the inlet completely been blocked, gas outlet through
to the atmosphere without any connection.
3.Because the test is undergoing checking, the data may be updated in future without any notice.


1.The inlet of this pump can run in heavy duty ,even completely blocked, both are proper functioning.

2.The outlet of this pump should remain unobstructed. If not ,as the result of the blockage, the high-pressure
will be caused and threat to safety. If you need large damping components for the outlet, please select the FQY
or FNY、FKY、FCY serials.

3.Customization is available.

4.Weight: approximately 550 g.

5.All parameters presented in this instruction are based on the standard atmospheric pressure at 25℃,
unless otherwise defined. The free flow is referred to as the flow.



●User Instructions

1.Service Conditions
The pump shall not be exposed to direct sun light.It shall work in clean and non-corrosive environment.
Ambient temperature:
Economical version: 0-40 ℃ (No condensation)
Simplified version & standard version:0-50 ℃ (No condensation)
Relative humidity: ≤ 90 %
2.Working medium
Damp gas is allowed,but with solid particles are not acceptable.
The materials and names for the parts which come in contact with gas as below:

Part name

Part material


Pump body

Glass fiber reinforced nylon

All material has certain ability of corrosion resistance,
please evaluate the tolerance of the parts which come in contact with gas pumped.


EPDM Rubber


Temperature range allowed for gas(or liquid) suction: 0~50℃


WJY Series Micro Vacuum &Liquid Pumpp Dimensional Drawings


Drawing unit: mm


1.Red power line connect the power positive pole ,black power line connect the power negative pole.
(No reverse the positive and negative?pole,it will not be damaged but the pump do not run)

2.The use of power

These pumps are equipped with torque motor,instantaneous starting current is about 6 A,the
instantaneous pulse lasts for 100 millisecond, so the power should have a certain margin.


1,This series of pumps are the biggest starting current is 6A, It lasts 100 millisecond.
2.When the motor starting current is in a static state, the maximum current that is generated by
the rated voltage is the basic parameter of the motor.
3.When the motor begin running,it will connect other auxiliary circuit at the same time,such as
speed governing, control... And so on, it will generate additional surge current superimposed on
the motor starting current, so the starting current will increase and more.
4, Tips for power: In view of this series of pump start-up characteristics,it should be used at
least 24 v, 2.7 A (about 64.8 W) or more power!
5.Customized is available.

 Optional Accessories

Nylon tube Power line

Simplified version: must use the SMC hose. Inner diameter 6mm (Outer diameter 8mm).Otherwise it result in the bad seal of connection, or can not pull in and pull out smoothly, or damage the One-touch Tubing Fitting.Extra 30cm hose for each pump is given on free of charge ,more hose ,please buy from SMC or buy from us.

Economical version: The size of silicone tube for this products:Inner diameter approximately 6mm ,outer diameter approximately 10mm.



     1.No foreign matter should keeping in the nozzle, the outlet of this pump should remain unobstructed, or the micro pump may be damaged.

     2.The product has not explosive-proof performance. No using in inflammable and explosive environment.

     3.When the gas (or liquid) input is hazardous, users must re-seal the pump for the sake of safety!

     4. All gas circuit elements such as gas tank must be provided with enough strength for the sake of safety. Customers can install their own.

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