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¤ FZA Series
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Large flow rate、high pressure、high vacuum air pump,can be used to pump gas,output positive pressure;Maintenance-free,No pollution during the gas transmitted.

2.Technical specification

Model Rated Voltage
Rated power
Flow rate
Rated output pressure
(gauge pressure)
(negative pressure)
Peak value Effective value
FZA8246 220V/50Hz 180 46 45 90 -82
FZA9330 30 22 -93

3.Tips for Selection of Products

1.Pump can work under the rated power for a long time,once beyond the rated power will cause damage of the pump.

Warming:The outlet of pump must be connected to the safety valve.If the exhaust port is blocked,the pressure will be very high.All gas circuit elements such as gas tank must be provided with enough strength for the sake of safety.

2.Service Conditions:

The pump shall not be exposed to direct sun light.It shall work in clean and ventilated environment work.Ambient temperature:0℃ ~ 40 ℃(No condensation);Relative humidity:≤90%.

3.Working medium:

Temperature range allowed for medium:0~50℃; Solid particles are forbidden to be contained in the gas suction.

4.Pump can't beyond the rated output pressure for a long time to work.

5.The pump should be started under the condition of the exhaust port open,otherwise the micro pump will be damaged or abnormal operation.

6.Overheating protection: Due to ambient temperature is too high,heat dissipation is insufficient,long time high load operation conditions cause the pump temperature rises to a threshold of thermal protection valve,the pump will automatically power off and stop working. At this time should be cut off power,after the motor is cooled to room temperature and then electrified,pump can resume normal work.

7.Weight: approximately 3.3 KG.

8.All parameters presented in this instruction are based on the standard atmospheric pressure at 25℃, unless otherwise defined. The free flow is referred to as the flow.


Wiring instructions Black line should connect the neutral and live of power;

Red line should connect the capacitor;

Metal sheet with ground mark should connect the Earth.

①:Power switch
②:Power line
③:Earth lugs
④:Capacitor connection linek
⑤:Junction box
Power switch connection line:

1、The inlet of all the products must be connected with a filter to prevent alien substance such as solid particles from entering the pump,or the micro pump will be damaged.


2、Fitting:Standard part

Fitter/Muffler (Optional,G1/4 External thread interface)
Safety valve (Opening pressure of safety valve≈0.13MPa,G1/2)
Shock absorbing feet(M6 Set screw threads)
Connector of safety valve (G1/2,G1/4)
Connector (G1/2 to G1/4)
Connector (G1/2)
Junction box

Optional part:

Connector(G1/4 to pagoda joint
Metal Bellows
Muffler (XA3004)
Power switch


Particles、dust and other foreign bodies are not allowed to enter the pump,or the micro pump will be damaged.


1.The outlet of the pump must be connected with safety valve,opening pressure of safety valve≈0.13MPa.
2.All gas circuit elements such as gas tank must be provided with enough strength for the sake of safety.
3.When the gas input is hazardous, users must re-seal the pump for the sake of safety.
4.The product has not explosive-proof performance.No using in inflammable and explosive environment.
5.The products can not extract flammable gas.
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