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Precision Control valve applied with micro pump ,it is adjust the delicate, wide regulating range,
convenient installation,easy to use.It is connected with different lines, which can adjust the flow rate,
the vacuum degree and the output pressure.

●Working principle: 

By adjusting the knob to change the valve opening degree, to achieve the pressure and flow regulation.

●Technical Specification:



Maximum Drift diameter


Working pressure


Radius of mounting hole


Working medium


 Medium gas temperature

-5℃ ~ 60 ℃(Unfrozen )

Main materials  of valve

Brass and PBT


1.Maintenance : the valve should be used in a dry and ventilated environment and maintain
the cleanliness of the threaded parts.

2.Valve adjustment to the limit of the full open and full closed position, the force should
not be too large to avoid damage to the spool.

3.When the joint is changed, the movable ring must be pushed to the direction of valve body.

4.Do not frequently plug and swivel joints, otherwise it will damage the control valve!


●Applied with micro pump


Negative pressure adjustment range(kPa)

Positive pressure adjustment range(kPa)

Flow adjustment range(L/min)

KAB series

0~Maximum Negative pressure of pump

They can not be used for positive pressure

0~Maximum flow of pump

KAC series

VLK series

0~Maximum flow of pump (A slight attenuation)

VLC series

VML series

0~Maximum flow of pump

VUY series

VMY series

VBY series

VKY series

VAJ series

VAT series

VXA series

VXC series

VXJ series

FML series

0~Maximum Negative pressure

0~Maximum Positive pressure

0~Maximum flow of pump

FAY series

FKY series

FAT series


●Drawing (unit:mm)



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