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¤ Low pressure check valve

●Applications and features:

Low pressure check valve applied with micro pump,it can limiting gas backflow and keeping
the vacuum (or Positive pressure)unchanged in the tube when cutting off the vacuum (or Positive pressure.
It is small flow loss, low opening pressure, good sealing,etc.

●Working principle:

The differential pressure within the valve in different directions to open or close,
to achieve forward conduction and reverse blocking.

●Technical Specification:




Maximum  Drift Diameter



Pressure of open the valve


Maximum pressure


 Working medium

 Air and fluid

Temperature of dielectric

-5℃ ~ 60 ℃

  Main materials  of valve

Valve body:polypropylene 
Valve core:FKM

Valve body:PA66


Translucent color

 Black ,white



1.Generally suitable for cleaning fluid, it should not be used for containing solid
particles and a high viscosity of the fluid.
2.When selecting the type of valve ,please according to the corrosion resistance of
the medium and the required interface size.
3.When installing and using, please pay special attention to the Flow direction.




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